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We've been blessed with some heart-warming feedback over the years from many lovely clients...

"I'm so thankful we got to take your class. You have a true gift for teaching and know how to even keep the guys interested. I might only be able to get James to read a few select passages I ask him to in the baby books but he can have long discussions with me about anything you say. You have been the biggest help in getting us feeling prepared and on the same page."
Rachel & James, first-time parents

"Thank you so much for all your excellent education, advice and encouragement. I felt relaxed, calm and strong all day. It was THE HARDEST thing I've ever done and the absolute BEST! Thank you for your excellent class and for believing that women can accomplish this!"
Christy, first-time mom

"Thanks Liz--we felt well-prepared, thanks to your thorough instruction.  The class really made us feel like we understood the range of what to expect during labor, birth, and the early days with our daughter.  It was something we looked forward to each Tuesday night. Keep doing what you're doing because it really gives parents the confidence to make the birth they want happen."
Polita & Owen, first-time parents

"Liz, Thank-you...  The time in your class made all the difference in the birth of Iraina.  Thank you for taking the time to talk us all through the possible situations and providing the essential tid-bits that can only be known from experience and years of working with births and babies. You are worth your weight in gold...and then-some."
Katrina & Paul, first-time parents

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience we had in your class. We enjoyed it very much, and we are sad to have it end! You are an incredibly bright, gifted teacher. We feel lucky to have taken your class, and we know it will help us in childbirth and beyond! "
Anne, first-time mom

"I thought of you and the class in my head all day long that day.  It was so helpful to know so much more going in."
Christina, second-time mom

"In the hours following Garrett's birth, Patrick and I reflected on your class and the things that stood out as being most helpful to us. For Patrick, the birth simulation gave him a frame of reference for how labor would progress and what I would be going through. He thought this was very helpful. For me, having a better understanding of the pattern of contractions and knowing what purpose they were serving was huge during transition. There were a couple times I remember thinking, after a very intense contraction, okay - we are getting closer, my body it doing it's job. So, a BIG thank you for your informative class and open teaching style!"
Martha & Patrick, first-time parents


"We were so blessed to have been a part of your wonderful class and are so grateful for the knowledge you imparted to us as new parents.  The information we learned in your class was invaluable to us as parents and to me during Elijah's labor and birth.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Maddie & Jaime, first-time parents

"It was just amazing to be present for her arrival and feel it all in it's intensity. It brings you right back to the most humbling state of nature and all the magic. Thanks for guiding us through the preparation to face such an amazing experience with strength and courage."
Stephanie, first-time mom

"Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience! We really enjoyed the classes and feel much more informed. It was a great time for us to just be together--it really is the only time in the week right now where we have time to focus on our near future and us... thank you for that! You are a wonderful instructor and your passion and enthusiasm is contagious."
Mandy and TJ, first-time parents, before giving birth...

...and then after giving birth:

"[The birth] was awesome. I thought you were crazy saying how much you loved birth until now. I get how wonderful and amazing it is!"

"There is no better way to go into birth & parenthood than to feel prepared & supported. Your childbirth class made us feel not only ready but strong and nurtured in choosing natural methods. We appreciate every bit of information you taught....& actually wish we had more classes! Thank you so much for being such a caring & sensitive person & teacher--you've helped us so much!"
Kelly & Bill, first-time parents

"I liked the casual, fun, atmosphere in the class (snacktime helps!) that made it easier to get to know others in class. I also really appreciated your passion for the subject - it is clear that you don't just do this to make a living. You have an incredible amount of knowledge and experience that you are able to dole out in an unintimidating way. I also think you do a wonderful job of mixing humor into this subject, which can be so serious and overwhelming."
Yohko, second-time mom

"Several times a year Liz gives a lecture on childbirth to my Anatomy and Physiology students. She immediately gains their attention and the entire class is enthralled throughout her presentation. They rave about her charisma, her intelligence, and her ability to answer their questions thoroughly. The students also appreciate Liz’s willingness to intently listen, and genuinely care, about each student’s individual birth story. I am consistently impressed by her vast knowledge of the human body and the birthing process. She is a self-proclaimed “birth junkie” and the results are obvious. I have never met anyone more passionate about the amazing process of childbirth nor a greater believer in the beauty of womanhood. She is certainly the woman I will seek when I am given the gift of pregnancy."
Rachel Tomco, MS
Anatomy and Physiology Instructor

Lake Washington Technical College

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