Class Content

Our classes are focused primarily on the experience of low-intervention birth. Four of the seven classes are devoted to normal vaginal birth. Through a foundation of illuminating how our bodies work, delivered with humor and much storytelling, we encourage you on your journey. One week is spent on the transition to parenthood so you are prepared for that new normal and another week on breastfeeding, a class that is taught by a lactation specialist so you know exactly where to find help if you need it. We spend one week on medical interventions--a recognition that for some who plan a fuss-free birth, things get more complicated than they hoped, and we want to prepare you for that possibility so you are equipped with the skills to navigate that path. 

Here is a break down of the week-by-week content of our 7 week series:

Week 1: Hormones of labor and the 3 Rs

Week 2: Early labor/Active labor

Week 3: Transition, pushing, and the immediate postpartum period.

Week 4: Medical interventions

Week 5: Pain coping and labor simulation

Week 6: Breastfeeding

Week 7: Postpartum healing and the 4th trimester

*A Note About Classes During the COVID 19 Pandemic*

To protect the safety of our clients as measures are taken to slow the spread of the corona virus outbreak, all BirthZone classes will be held virtually beginning March 30, 2020. Once social distancing restrictions are lifted we anticipate returning to an in person teaching model.

Refresher class:

The refresher class is for those who have given birth at least once before. It's a very different format than the first timer, multi-week series, because as experts in your own birth experiences, you know exactly what kind of information you are looking for in the class. We start out by reviewing previous birth stories and then craft the rest of the class based on what you wish to cover. It becomes a very fun parent-to-parent discussion facilitated by us.