Wendy Dean's Birth Zone classes, emphasize the simplicity of birth and the power of your body to do the work. 

Most of our clients are hoping for a low intervention birth at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital. Many are midwifery clients.

Whether you give birth--as most of you will--using only your own power or whether you need some help along the way, we hope you will look back on the birth of your baby with satisfaction and joy.

We wish you the best of births.

Liz with her first birth class's babies

Beginning July 2022 HYBRID OR fully VIRTUAL classes are offered.

To protect everyone you may be asked to provide proof of a negative test (at home antigen test) for COVID 19 and/or to wear a mask in order to attend any in person sessions.

Complete our classes feeling:

more confident

of your body's innate wisdom and your ability to birth

more aware 
of techniques you can turn to in labor

more knowledgeable
about the process and the various paths you may take

more equipped
to make informed decisions regarding your care

and, for the birth partner:

more at ease
in your role


Upcoming Birth Classes


(7 week series 6:30pm-9:15pm):


Wed July 20-Aug 31, 2022

HYBRID classes

(5 weekly sessions on Wednesdays

6:30-9:15pm (virtual) PLUS one in person double session on a Saturday 10:30am-4:30pm):

Wed Sept 7- Oct 5, 2022 AND Sept 24

Wed Nov 2- Dec 7, 2022 AND Nov 19 (skip Nov 23)

IN PERSON classes:

(7 week series 7:00pm-9:30pm):

Wed Feb 8- March 22, 2023


Parenting Classes

Offered by Embracing the New Normal

Bringing Baby Home

0-3 Month Parent Baby Group (free!)
3-12 Month Parent Baby Group

...and many more